Born in November 1974 and grown up in the small German town Gronau near the Dutch border.

As a child of 8 years I started playing the recorder, it took me two years to discover, that the recorder is not my thing. So I stopped and forgot, for a few years, the music! 

As a teenager, I heard Eric Clapton, and the love for the music started all over again. Of course, I picked the guitar, what else; I was a teenager whose hero was Mr. Slowhand. After a few years my guitar teacher, Ivo te Kiefte, gave me a CD of Miles Davis. I was astonished by what I heard from this guy, so I started studying, hour and hours every day, because I liked to play this music.

After a few years I found my self at the conservatory in Zwolle, the Netherlands, studying Jazz Guitar. There I learned more about Music, Jazz as well Classical, than playing just the guitar. So my interest and love for composing and arranging of Music grows, in fact it grows bigger than the love for my guitar. After I finished the Guitar study with a Bachelor, I went on to study Composition.

But before, I had some arranging and composing lessons from Henk Huizinga. I am really thankful for these lessons, every time I came up with a new piece, he has taken the time to look at it and did it in his spare time. After I passed the incoming test for composition at the conservatory, I got arranging lessons from Henk Meutge also classical composition from Alex Manassen. He opened my eyes for modern music.

During my study I used almost every opportunity, to play my music. My biggest love was the string quartet I loved to combine it with jazz. I also loved to compose music for short movies and have already done a few, sadly I can not show them on this page, because of copyright laws. I also composed the instrumental part for the musical project Dschumana.

Mostly I get orders and work for Arrangements, I have written works for the Boogie Woogie pianist Jereon Sweers, (take a look at the link site), for the Saxophone Quartet Saxfource, the Constatijn Huygens Big Band and many more. At the download page you will find some examples.